ADAMANT — the Most Anonymous and Secure Messenger on an Independent Blockchain Conducts a Pre-ICO

ADAMANT — the Most Anonymous and Secure Messenger on an Independent Blockchain Conducts a Pre-ICO


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Nowadays the production, consumption and information exchange are an integral part of everyone’s life. And most people do not represent any longer a one single day without texting friends with a help of an instant messenger, because it’s already became the most popular and convenient way of communication in the modern world.

The number of available messengers is counted by hundreds and the amount of people who use at least one of them is close to 100% of all smartphone and PC owners. At the same time, only some of messengers, or rather, very few of them do work without a centralized server and are really focused on security or anonymity issues.

It turns out that using one or another messenger, people can’t be assured of the confidentiality of their data, either transmitted via messages or stored in the smartphone, since in most cases the user grants permission to access his contacts, photos, location, etc.

ADAMANT Messenger is specially designed to solve the problem of protecting user’s data.
And its founders have a paradigm — the security of all user’s information and correspondence.

Briefly about the ADAMANT project

ADAMANT is a system for message and data transfer based on blockchain technology, into which the payment system is integrated. Due to the fact that the project uses modern encryption methods and unique Blockchain technology, all this provides a high guarantee for confidentiality of the information transfers among all users within the system. ADAMANT is useful for both personal and business communications.

ADAMANT for individuals — is a Blockchain messenger with an integrated payment system that has an unsurpassed anonymity and data protection, is easy to use and available from any device.

ADAMANT for business — is a corporate isolated blockchain for data and message transfers (with an ability to digitally-sign documents), which integrated payment system is very useful for reduction transactional costs within the company.

Distinctive security and anonymity features of the ADAMANT Messenger

According to the idea of the creators, ADAMANT is made to respond to serious question of trust in private data transfer security. That’s why the messenger is based on a proven conception of secure blockchain, in which all messages are stored, and the source codes of the messenger, the transfer protocol and the blockchain are open for review and public.

In addition, due to the complete anonymity inherent to the blockchain, the ADAMANT Messenger (unlike the centralized message transfer systems) does not associate chat history to any specific persons, since there are no user credentials (no phone numbers, email addresses or social networks’ accounts, payment details — only a depersonalized wallet identifier).

ADAMANT does not prompt the user’s access to the address book, location, camera or other personal data, which, accordingly, can’t be transferred anywhere. In this messenger no one has the access to the user’s message history (even the developers), since messages are fully encrypted directly on the sender’s device, and then decrypted on the recipient side.

Due to the fact that the message history is loaded directly from the blockchain, it has no longer stored on the device. Moreover, in the ADAMANT Messenger it is impossible to obtain the user’s IP-address, and the users’ accounts can’t be closed, blocked or limited by anyone, including the developers (unlike the other messengers).

In addition, comparing the ADAMANT Messenger with existing alternative solutions (the results of which are presented in the table) it can be concluded that ADAMANT is the most secure and anonymous messenger on the market.

ADAMANT — the Most Anonymous and Secure Messenger on an Independent Blockchain Conducts a Pre-ICO

Comparison table of ADAMANT and alternative messengers

At the same time, it should be noted that ADAMANT does not pretend to replace existing messengers, but tries to find its own category of users to whom it is important to secure their data, that is sending through messages, in conjunction with convenience.

Transactions in the ADAMANT network

In the ADAMANT network it will be possible to carry out a number of transactions, such as messaging, direct token transfers, user profile updates, saving the settings to the blockchain, uploading the avatar image, sending and signing documents, registering the delegate, and many others.

Each of these transactions requires commission payment (a fee) for its execution, which are being shared between active delegates as network maintenance cost. However, due to the fact that ADAMANT architecture is flexible enough, it will be possible to make changes in transactions’ fee, if necessary.

The existing product of the ADAMANT project

An important feature of the project is the fact that at the moment the ADAMANT messenger already exists as a Progressive Web Application (PWA), which works in the major modern browsers on mobile and desktop systems and does not require installation.

The ADAMANT’s product, which is already functioning at the moment, provides users with such basic features as encrypted messages transfers and notification of their receipt, Emoji support, setting a name (or nickname) for interlocutor’s address, displaying the chat list, storing and transferring the tokens (wallet application), displaying information about the transaction, obtaining information about the current state of the blockchain. Developers deployed the infrastructure of full nodes, which is ready for further scaling.

For freely try of the ADAMANT’s advantages, all users are credited with a small amount of tokens during the wallet creation process. Also the work on the developing of native applications for Android and iOS platforms is already underway.

About the ongoing crowdsale of the ADAMANT project

To complete the future project development, also for the messenger further support, it is planned to attract investors’ funds during the Pre-ICO and ICO campaigns by selling ADM tokens.

Speaking about the advantages of the ADM token, it is worth noting that this is a token, which value is ensured by fee payments for message and data transfer. These payments are designed to fully cover all infrastructure cost dictated by the needs for anonymous and secure data transmission. There is an additional ADM value that is produced through the distribution process of all remainings of the unsold tokens which were allocated for the ICO campaign. So the users that have enough ADM tokens within their wallet balances will receive proportionally monthly rewards for the approximate period of a one year after the ICO ends up.

The ADM wallets will grow by 5% monthly until the full exhaustion of the ICO-reserved tokens unsold. Thus, the earlier the ADAMANT token is purchased, and the longer it is stored in the wallet, the higher the profits will be. After the ICO completion, ADM tokens will be freely traded on such exchange markets as Livecoin, Yobit, Liqui, Bittrex and others.

ADAMANT — the Most Anonymous and Secure Messenger on an Independent Blockchain Conducts a Pre-ICO

ADM token symbol

At the Pre-ICO stage, which runs from December 14, 2017 to January 25, 2018, investors are offered the most favorable conditions: the price of the token is 1 ADM = 0.001 ETH during this period, while by the end of the ICO the price will increase up to 0.005 ETH per one token. At the same time, within the Pre-ICO, there is a minimum investment amount of 2 ETH.

During the main stage of the ICO, which will be held from January 30, 2018 to March 30, 2018, there will be no minimum investment threshold. Investors are offered generous bonuses for the particular amounts of purchased ADM tokens (for all purchases from 20 ETH and above).

Among other things, the creators of the project have provided a Bounty campaign that allows each user to contribute to the promotion of the ADAMANT Messenger and receive a reward with ADM tokens.

The initial ADM tokens emission is 98 000 000, the 75% of which (73 500 000 ADM) are presented for crowdsale within the ICO campaigns.

For more information about the project and the technologies being used, along with all details about the ongoing crowdsale — please visit the official ADAMANT website.